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La decarbonizzazione

Efrem Vietti, 4^ DLS, ITIS Cardano
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Gli studenti incontrano il Prof. Cazzini della Facoltà di Geologia di Pavia

Who cares? Why talk about something so boring? Nobody listens  anyways, so it’s just a waste of time… or is it? Actually, we should care, us teenagers who give more importance to the wrong things; we think that it is better to spend two hours playing video games instead of paying attention for two hours to a guy who is dedicating his time to warn us that our world is falling to pieces and the only ones who should raise their voices to save the planet are us.

A few classes of this school had the chance to take part in a conference held by a professor of the University of Pavia, department of Geology, who is an expert on fossil fuels and has a clear view of what’s happening to the planet. As Mr. Cazzini told us, he is old and probably won’t be here when will have to face problems a lot worse than the ones we are worrying about these days. We will pay the consequences of things that our parents did, of course that doesn’t make our parents criminals because they weren’t aware of what they were causing. The worst thing about our generation is that we never take anything seriously, but laughing about everything won’t take us anywhere.

Most of us know Greta Thunberg more for the memes on her and for her Asperger syndrome, but she’s way more than that. She has guts and fights for what she believes in. Instead of laughing at her, we should admire what she’s doing and stand up for what we believe in to live in the future we all dream about. However, the change that we are talking about has to be gradual. We can’t just stop using any polluting machine from one day to another, we have to get used to tapping into renewable energy and let it sink in the society, so that it becomes the ordinary.

But how can we prove the denyers that global warming is real? The IPCC has been measuring Earth’s temperature every year since 1800 and NASA since 1900 and found that Earth’s temperature has drastically increased in time. As denyers correctly state, the Earth’s temperature has always changed, but the difference is that since the 1980s there has been a dramatic increase of temperature caused by the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect is caused because by the CO2 in the atmosphere, which prevents the sunrays from going back to space. Denyers are right when they say that in the atmosphere there is only 0.03% of CO2, but that is enough to cause the greenhouse effect. The funny fact is that there is a solution to these problems but there are too many people that need CO2 production to stay rich and live their life at their best. They don’t care if their children will have to face enormous problems in the future.

I belive that everyone can make a change in this world if they really want it, we just have to try a little harder and get out of our comfort zone. If we don’t do anythin,g the change will never happen.

Efrem Vietti,
4^ DLS, ITIS Cardano

Valutazioni: 2 | Media: 3

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