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The day has come too for her majesty The Queen

Luca Mangiameli e Farouk Elnaggar
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It was the 8 th of September, everybody was going through the day but suddenly a news, a shocking one. Her majesty, Queen Elisabeth II died at Balmoral, aged 96, after a long period of reigning which had lasted 70 years. All the world was then shocked but have you ever thought about what was going to happen after the Queen’s death? Well, if it’s a no, keep on reading and if it’s a yes…well … do it anyway!!! It was unexpected, but when announced, all the world knew about it in a matter of hours. Right after Elisabeth’s death, her son Charles III became the king of Britain.

The secretary of the Queen called the Prime Minister to inform about the fact and said the words “London Bridge is Down”. The commonwealth countries connected to the UK were informed as well, all flags were lowered to half-staff (another sign of mourning) and the royal website had been showing an image of her majesty with a black background. The BBC made the first announcement, following it all the other news channels did the same. Everyone had to wear black in those days as a sign of respect.

Journalists all over the world wore black suits and dark clothes. The day of the death is called the D-Day (Death Day) and all the following days go by D-Day +1, D-Day+2 and so on. On D-day+1, 9 th of September, her corpse was brought to London by the Royal train, an exclusive train for royal family members. At Westminster everyone had the chance to pay homage to the queen, people gathered around London to give a final farewell to their beloved queen and mourners waited for hours in a five-mile queue. On D-Day+10, the 19 th of September, the queen got her official send-off at Westminster Abbey with the royal family members and the leaders of many countries in attendance.

That day has been declared a public holiday all around the U.K.. Death is not a good thing, but it is a natural one and also the best people in this world will die. The most important thing is to keep their memory alive, because you really never lose anyone if you remember him or her. Queen Elisabeth has been one of the best queens of all time and she will never be forgotten, for sure.

Luca Mangiameli
Farouk Elnaggar

Valutazioni: 12 | Media: 5

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