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A stormy winter

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So 2022 didn’t start so well but winter brought about one of the worst conflicts that has been having effects on all countries in Europe and overseas. In February a conflict between Russia and Ukraine started “for real”. “For real” because the political fight began back in 2014. Let’s imagine the situation: you are in Ukraine and you are maybe enjoying your day, until some Russians approach you and start shooting. This is what happened so far. The UK decided to follow the same path of the European states and impose sanctions on Russia but this didn’t solve the situation and everyone has been paying severe consequences so far, both on the battlefield and far from them. Well all this situation is implementing the hate between the states, and all of us are just hoping for an earlier peace.

But this year winter has been a long winter. A terrible cyclone hit the UK, storm Eunice was an intense extratropical cyclone that lasted for 5 days from 14 February 2022 to 19 February 2022. Millions experienced severe disruption as record-breaking winds from Storm Eunice caused death and injury, huge structural damage, transport chaos and widespread power cuts.

4 II

Valutazioni: 5 | Media: 5

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