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A hot summer in the UK

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Then the summer came and English summer was ‘hot’ and we are not joking about that. Summer was really hot. On 18 and 19 July 2022, the UK experienced record-breaking heat with temperatures reaching over 40°C. Studies found that the heatwave was made at least 10 times more likely due to human-induced climate change. The results also suggest that a heatwave as intense as this one is still rare in today’s climate, even after being made more likely by climate change. The UK has little experience with extreme heat, and the conditions led to widespread suffering, and early estimates suggest that there were nearly 1,000 heat-related deaths.

And if the heat was not enough, monkeypox blasted and in the summer of 2022, a monkeypox outbreak occurred in the UK. The cause of the outbreak was believed to be a traveller who brought the virus back from a country in West Africa. The effects of the outbreak included a number of individuals becoming sick with the virus and several hospitals experiencing a surge in patients. The consequences of the outbreak included increased measures taken by public health officials to prevent the further spread of the virus, as well as concerns about the potential for the virus to spread to other countries. 

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Valutazioni: 2 | Media: 5

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